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Trac Setup

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Trac is open-source solution for wiki and bugs tracking system.

Follow the following steps to install the Ttac  wiki and bug tracking system version 0.11.2

Prerequiste for Trac installation are

1.    Python version >= 2.3
2.    Setuptools version >= 0.6
3.    Genshi version >= 0.5
4.    SQLite version 3.3.4
5.    Webserver mostly  apache used

Step1: For installing the setup tool and Genshi template download the ez.setup.py script from http://svn.python.org/projects/sandbox/branches/setuptools-0.6/#egg=setuptools-dev06

Step2: Download the tar.gz of trac from the URL http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/TracDownload

Step3: Uncompress the tar.gz file

tar -xzvf   Trac-0.11.2.tar.gz
cd   Trac-0.11.2

Step4: Now copy ez.setup.py file to Trac-0.11.2 folder and make that script executable

cp ez.setup.py /Trac-0.11.2
cd /Trac-0.11.2
chmod 755   ez.setup.py

now execute it

python ./ez.setup.py

It will automatically  download and install the setuptools.

Now run the
setup.py script

python ./setup.py install

Step5: Now initialize your project varibales by executing the following command.

trac-admin /path/to/project initenv

First give the name to your project whatever you want and then accept all the default options.

Step6: Now initialize the tracd deamon

tracd –port 8000 /path/to/project_dir/

If you want user base authetication on your wiki then setup apache style authetication by adding up user using htpasswd command

htpasswd -c /path/to/project_dir/.htpasswd username

You can add the administrator user by the following command:

trac-admin /path/to/project_dir/ permission add administrator  TRAC_ADMIN

If you are not adding any administrator user then anyone can edit your wiki text. Administrator can give different rights to different users.

Then startd the tracd deamon

 /usr/bin/tracd -p 8000 --basic-auth=Project_name,/path/to/project_dir/.htpasswd,
/path/to/Project_dir /path/to/project_dir/ -d 
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