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I am Ramesh Kumar, B.Tech graduate passed out from MIMIT (Malout Institute of Management and Information Technology), Malout from Punjab and i am working as an DevOps Engineer in Amaon WebServices Pvt. Ltd. at Sydney.

  • Great going, my wishes are with you

  • @Amit
    Thanks, thanks a lot..

  • Hi Ramesh,
    This is a great initiative taken by you to promote Linux. Being Linux admirer i wish that there will be a one day when layman will start using linux(probably ubuntu) and forget about what the buggy windows.

    Keep going and publish articles to help people.

    Vinod Sharma
    Security Research Group

  • Rishi Sachar

    I have seen you working hrs on this… Linux seems to be ur baby… good job man…… Great going…



    Hi Sir
    u doing nice work.

  • Tayyab Saeed

    You are doing nice work, keep it up.
    best of Luck.

    Rao Tayyab Saeed
    REDHAT Linux Trainer @ CTTC, Karachi Pakistan

  • Thanks Tayyab.

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